Our commitment

The art of animal welfare


At duBreton, we believe that Better choices change the world. Electric prods no longer have a place in our Organic and Certified Humane® pork.


With a focus on sustainability, we chose to recycle the electric prods by creating a piece of art that would reflect the company’s vision and culture. The unique mural features electric batons that have been transformed into a constellation that symbolizes the change and evolution towards higher standards of animal welfare.


With this work of art, we have chosen to transform a negative tool into a positive symbol. 


Watch this documentary to learn more about our project. 






Freeing 300 000 hogs


In September 2015, we committed to raising 300,000 more cage-free hogs by 2018. This is one of the biggest announcements ever made in support of humane farming, requiring an investment of over $30M.

At duBreton®, we have a vision. To fulfill a vision, you need concrete actions.

We are already the largest producer of organic pork and Certified Humane Raised and Handled® (Certified Humane®) pork in Canada and North America. We intend to remain an international leader and a model for the entire industry.

We want to continue to be proud of the products we offer.

300 000
200 000
100 000
72 534
269 648
Freed (269 648)
In progress (72 534)
  • $30M
    Amount we will invest in converting our farms to Certified Humane® and/or organic standards by 2018.
  • 2x
    More space than Canadian standards for gestating sows.
  • 1st
    DuBreton was the very first Canadian pork producer to obtain the Certified Humane® certification.
  • 2003
    A decisive meeting with Adele Douglas of Humane Farm Animal Care. Our first concrete steps towards converting to Certified Humane® standards.
  • 300 000
    Number of additional hogs raised cage-free in our network of farms by 2018.