Our reputation

The New York Times Food Editor, Florence Fabricant
"High-quality duBreton pork from Quebec – rosy and framed with creamy fat –comes from hogs raised without antibiotics or growth hormones." 


The Complete Meat Cookbook Author and Chef, Bruce Aidells
"I do believe that [raising] pigs… in a relatively comfortable environment makes them less stressful and results in better quality pork. DuBreton's commitment to small family farms and the humane treatment of its animals is reflected in the pork I've eaten. It is consistently free of any off-flavors and when properly cooked, yields juicy and satisfying results."


From the Earth to the Table Author and Chef, John Ash
"The most important thing, of course, is that duBreton has great flavor. I feel duBreton products have a delicacy and sweetness to them that I haven't found in other commercial pork products. Their boneless pork loin is absolutely beautifully trimmed, lean, with a lovely pink-white color."


The Complete Book of Pork Author and Chef, Bruce Aidells
"DuBreton of Quebec, Canada, sells organic pork as well as all-natural pork, humanely raised on small family farms. The pork is excellent and all cuts are available!"


USA Weekend Food Writer, P. Anderson
"One bite of duBreton pork and you know this meat is a cut above. Why? From conception to slaughter, a duBreton pig is treated with respect. The result? Succulent, flavorful,new-fashioned pork."


Consumer, Frédérique Matteau
"I just wanted to thank you... I am an environmental microbiologist and know too well about antibiotic resistance caused by the agro-industry. [...] When I discovered your products I was overwhelmed by the quality and affordable price, and jumping for joy at your initiative with antibiotic and nitrate-free pork. [...] All in all, you have restored me with my faith that the world is changing slowly... and of course, I can enjoy pork guilt-free again!"