Our hog farming

Doing things differently

Sorry, but just following the rules isn’t good enough for us.

Our Organic Pork and Rustic Farm Pork® products exceed industry standards. In fact, we are the first pork producer in North America to receive the Certified Humane® certification.

We didn’t choose the easy way, but rather the way that allows us to proudly offer you a product that reflects your values.

See the difference.

A world of difference in less than 3 minutes.

Our instruction manual? Nature.

Clearly, nature does things quite well. Nature’s way is part of our way of doing things. Sometimes, doing less is better.

No antibiotics
No animal by-products   
No physical alterations    
Straw where animals can play and root
Nature, pure and simple.
State-of-the-art processes preserve the essence of an authentic product from our farm gate to your plate. The best of both worlds.

Why we do it

For us, making the world a better place isn’t a future project or an advertising slogan: it’s our daily commitment.
Everyone can make a difference through responsible choices. What if everything got better for everyone?

For the animals

Our hogs live happy and free: why shouldn’t they?

For your health

Healthy foods have a major effect on your health.
Food you can trust is not a luxury.

For the environment

Working in harmony with nature minimizes environmental impacts. Every choice we make goes in that direction.

For our industry

Because our criteria of excellence exceed current standards, we foster responsible production processes throughout the industry.

For our farmer

Adopting farming practices focused on animal welfare means joining a growing worldwide movement. It’s a sound, ethical and rewarding business model.

For you

Double satisfaction: enjoy an eminently superior product while knowing that better choices change the world.