September 29, 2016

Campaign to develop and promote Quebec’s organic products. With organic, you can’t go wrong!


Campaign to develop and promote Quebec’s organic products. With organic, you can’t go wrong!

Today, thanks to a start-up investment from the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ), the Filière biologique du Québec, partnering with five of the sector’s major companies, launched a campaign to develop and promote Québec’s organic products. The slogan is With organic, you can’t go wrong!

As Filière president Daniel Dubé sees it, this campaign is a milestone in the sector’s development. “The number of organic foods produced and processed right here in Québec has gone from 4,000 in 2010 to more than 7,500 in 2016. Now it’s time to better showcase the diversity of our products and their advantages for consumers,” he said with conviction.
Mr. Dubé added that “use of the expression you can’t go wrong personalizes why each consumer chooses organic products from Québec. Whether it’s a concern for eating healthy or because of the flavour, there are many reasons for the purchase decisions made that confirm the added-value of the products on the market.”

Minister Pierre Paradis, delighted by the commitment of these major Filière partners and the sector’s other companies that have invested in the campaign, sees their involvement as a guarantee of success. The Minister indicated that “the organic market is expanding in both Québec and abroad. By buying organic food from Québec, consumers make a choice that not only responds to their environmental, health and animal welfare concerns, but that also helps to support the local economy and dynamic land occupancy.”

The five businesses that chose to invest in the campaign did so for different reasons.

Fruit d’Or, the world leader in organic cranberry production and processing, hopped on board immediately as a major partner. Fruit d’Or decision-makers felt that “this kind of campaign, that involves interaction between companies and consumers, will make it possible to set off to advantage the many organic products from Québec marketed each year.”


Les Viandes du Breton, recognized for the quality of its meat and its regard for animal welfare, feels effective promotion of Québec certified organic products hinges on a collective approach. It believes that a common sector-wide action strategy will enhance the visibility of organic food from Québec and make it more accessible to consumers.

Fromagerie L’Ancêtre joined the campaign in order to better inform consumers who need to know about the availability of local organic food and the advantages it affords. The Canadian leader in butter and cheese processing, the company is confident that the campaign will bolster its position on Eastern Canadian markets.

For Sagami-Savoura-Biologica, ranked first in North America for its organic greenhouse tomatoes marketed as Biologico, “the campaign is a unique opportunity for promotion supported by a set of integrated activities.” Its managers believe that this campaign will have a more lasting effect than one-time advertising.

Inéwa, one of Québec’s first organic bakeries, considers that the campaign’s promotion of its certified organic products will influence the purchase of other organic products, just as the promotion of other organic products will have a beneficial effect on its bread sales. Inéwa stands out because of its bold customized innovations.

The Filière and all its partners urge consumers to visit the campaign website ( for answers to the following questions: Which organic products are offered by Québec companies? Where can we get these products? What benefits do the products afford? In addition to this information, the site will feature profiles of several Québec companies that produce and process organic food.

“The purpose of this campaign is to support a social movement for organic food that provides a taste of home. We want Québec consumers to be more and more convinced that with organic, you can’t go wrong,” the president of the Filière biologique said in closing.

About the Filière
The mission of the Filière biologique du Québec is to foster joint action among all of the sector’s segments (production, processing, distribution and retailing) and to ensure coordination of the partners’ efforts, with a view to organic product enhancement and market development.