February 5, 2020

DuBreton presents its line of dried products to satisfy fine palates


DuBreton presents its line of dried products to satisfy fine palates

Les Viandes du Breton presents its latest additions to the great duBreton organic brand family. A new range of European-inspired products to be served on all occasions. Dried sausages with Boreal and Black Trumpet or Appalachian Treasure flavours, organic Chorizo and Sopressata are available at Metro, just in time for Valentine's Day celebrations. Two other products will follow in the next few weeks: Organic Pepperoni and Prosciutto.

More and more, dried meat products are becoming popular. They are served for special occasions, as well as to add fantasy to weekday dinners or lunches. Let us introduce you to the family!

Dried sausages

Our Chorizo, inspired by Spanish  traditions, is made from organic pork seasoned with organic paprika. It will spice up your pasta, pizza, salad or frittata recipes!
The organic dry sausage duBreton Boreal and Black Trumpet is the result of an exclusive recipe from Quebec's terroir, with notes of rum and the refined taste of mushrooms. Our Appalachian Treasure, already a winner of the Saucicéor's "Coup de Coeur", the international competition for the best dry sausage in Sologne, is enhanced with red wine and a hint of garlic. or maybe you'll prefer the Sopressata, a salami typical of the Italian tradition.

Available now

The handy 65 gram format allows you to enjoy the texture and taste of the fresh product without wasting. The short list of natural and organic ingredients does not hide any undesirable chemicals or preservatives. They are gluten-free and phosphate-free.

DuBreton's organic dry sausages and ham are available now at Metro at the suggested retail price of $6.99.

Two other products will soon follow

DuBreton Organic Pepperoni, this American version of salami will definitely find its place in your pizzas or deli platters.

DuBreton Organic Prosciutto requires one year of preparation according to the finest Italian tradition and contains only two simple ingredients: pork and sea salt. Let yourself be charmed by its tenderness and delicate taste.

These two products will also be available at Metro in a few weeks at a cost of $6.99 for the 65-gram package.