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April 3, 2019

Profile: Animal Welfare Coordinator

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Profile: Animal Welfare Coordinator

DuBreton has been committed since 2003 to raising animal welfare standards by adopting the Certified Humane® and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. In order to ensure adequate follow-up with the various certifying bodies, team members and managers, a position of Animal Welfare Coordinator has been set up. Meet Annie Dubé, who shares her passion for her work.

An animal welfare coordinator, what does it means?

The role of Animal Welfare Coordinator at Viandes du Breton is an exciting job, which gives me the opportunity to work with the different departments of the plant. My primary mandate is to ensure that the highest standards of animal welfare in the industry are met. The procedures ensure that animals never suffer and that their basic needs are met during the process.

In addition to developing, implementing and updating the animal welfare quality control program, I manage our weekly internal audit plan, which aims to ensure that we are always ready for our annual certification audits. I train crew members and monitor the performance data of all equipment. I need to know animal welfare standards at all levels to ensure that they are met or surpassed. By doing so, I can guide the team in its actions and the managers in their decisions.

I’m biologist and passionate for animals. I admire the intelligence and curiosity of the pigs as well as their expressive face! If you see me in the barn, I may be petting them or talking to them! But I also like to eat a delicious pork tenderloin, bacon and lots of other pork products.

I now have the opportunity and pride to hold the PAACO certification, which is the North American benchmark for animal welfare audits. All the external evaluators who come to audit us also hold it. To remain qualified, I must, like them, take annual training to stay on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge in the field. I also have the European certification of Animal Welfare Officer, which certifies that I have received extensive training in all aspects of animal welfare in a slaughter establishment and that I can be responsible for it.

Animal welfare is an important responsibility that I am happy to fulfill for our animals and the good reputation of our company!