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From words to action!

Fulfilling its promise on animal welfare: DuBreton and achieves its target exceeds its objective

Three years ago, duBreton made a commitment to produce an additional 300,000 crate-free pigs at its Quebec farms. Although the pork industry is evolving, Les Viandes du Breton is already ahead of the animal welfare standards that will be in place in Canada in 2024. Learn more

The Art of Animal Welfare

On September 27, 2017, duBreton, the largest producer of organic and Certified Humane® pork in Canada and North America, officially unveiled a new art installation designed to promote animal welfare and created by local Quebec artist Émilie Rondeau. DuBreton ensures its pork is raised in a stress-free environment, and electric batons – which are widely accepted in conventional meat farming – are banned by the Quebec-based company. Learn more