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Our history

The year 1944 marked the beginning of a long history of passion and innovation in Quebec’s agricultural industry.

That year, an enthusiastic and resourceful farming couple started up a small family business. Reaching for ever higher standards, this enterprise stands out today for its commitment to reinventing swine production through use of methods that take into consideration consumer needs and animal welfare.

After three generations, Vincent Breton, the current president of duBreton, continues down the path that his grandfather and father travelled before him.*

Specialty pork became the focus of a strategy that took off in 2000 when duBreton first ventured into the world of rustic and organic farming.


DuBreton adopts its new direction (first developments, programs for natural and organic pork and pork raised without antibiotics).


DuBreton earns Certified Humane certification.


New visual identity


Prepackaged, antibiotic-free products reach retail shelves.


DuBreton wins a Gaïa Award for its organic ham.


DuBreton reaffirms its aims in animal welfare (presentation as part of SIAL – discussion featuring Adele Douglass and Vincent Breton).


DuBreton commits to raising 300,000 crate-free animals.


Artwork Constellation created.


Commitment to raising 300,000 crate-free animals achieved.


DuBreton launches new packaging.

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