Making grilling a breeze, duBreton fully cooked organic sausage

lancement saucisses cuites

Summer is flying by and you want to make every second count ? Stop worrying about how to prepare, precook and marinate your grilled food. DuBreton offers you a worry free solution with their new fully cooked organic sausage available in four delicious flavours. Fire up your BBQ and your food will be served in no time ! A few minutes on the BBQ to warm them up and they're ready !

Made from 100% duBreton organic pork, the creation of our new sausages is thanks to the know-how of our New Hampshire smokehouse artisanal butcher. Smoked slowly and naturally, duBreton fully cooked sausages will awaken your taste buds to the flavours of the world, in the comfort of your own backyard.

Four Original Flavours

Our Maple Smoked flavour was an obvious choice, providing us with a taste of home in this new product line. A familiar aroma, gently made with top quality organic maple syrup, a sure crowd pleaser.

The spices and warmth of Spain are pleasantly brought together in the Chorizo flavour, to be enjoyed on the grill or in more typical Iberian Peninsula dishes.

Bratwurst, a German speciality, made from six simple ingredients, providing an authentic flavour. Enjoy it alone or with a beer, a German beer of course !

Another European speciality, from Poland this time, the Kielbasa, distinguished by its traditional flavours of garlic, pepper and marjoram. Guaranteed love at first bite !

DuBreton fully cooked organic sausages are essentials to keep on hand for all occasions. Reclosable packaging is practical for a quick snack for two or for one. Ready in only 7 minutes, perfect for a picnic or camping, a last minute supper or when having a group over, in keeping with the rules of course !

Easily Found in Quebec and Ontario

The new series of duBreton fully cooked, organic sausages are made according to usual brand standards. The short list of natural and organic ingredients contains no hidden chemical products or undesirable preservatives. Our sausages are gluten and phosphate free. As of now they may be found in Metro stores in Quebec and Ontario in a 340 g format at the suggested retail price of $10.99.