DuBreton requests support from all members of the national assembly

Free pig

Last February, duBreton launched an online petition and received the support of nearly 2,000 signatories and several stakeholders, including the Institut Jean Garon, the Canada Organic Trade Association, and the municipalities of Rivière-du-Loup and Saint-Bernard, in connection with its request to be excluded from the Quebec pork producers' joint plan. Dubreton has also asked for the support of all members of the Quebec National Assembly.

"We want to be excluded from the Quebec pork producers' joint plan and from collective marketing, and to stop financing mass pork production, and this support is essential to our efforts," said company president Vincent Breton.

DuBreton is facing an injustice, just like other producers and family businesses in Quebec. Existing assistance programs, such as ASRA, have become programs adapted to support the commodity pork industry, contrary to their historical mission of ensuring a stable income for all producers. The special hog detour fee deducted from the paychecks of specialty hog producers is one example. Specialty pork producers must absorb the costs associated with the difficulties experienced in the commodity pork market, while they receive no assistance from the Éleveurs de porc du Québec for the higher costs associated with their production.

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