Laws Banning Gestation Crates Do Exist!

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Explaining Prop 12

What do you know about Prop 12? It concerns all producers. In fact, it all began in 2018, when the state of California, USA, surveyed its people regarding animals raised for food purposes. Over 60% of the population voted in favor of a law banning the sale of pork products from sows kept in confined crates.

Californian producers must now ensure that pregnant breeding sows have a minimum space of 24 square feet since the sale of meat products that are not compliant with animal welfare requirements is banned. And the industry transformation doesn't stop there. Massachusetts has also voted in favor of a similar proposition known as Question 3. These laws are in full force in Massachusetts and California. Farms belonging to producers wishing to sell in California were visited by a California State representative before the end of 2023. Let's hope that these same regulations are applied in Canada so that animals are no longer confined to crates and can move around freely throughout their entire life.

duBreton, A Role Model Worthy of Imitation

DuBreton farms have been specialized in animal welfare for decades now. We have been raising crate-free pigs since 2003, and thanks to our organic, Certified Humane, and GAP 5-step certifications, we comply with and even greatly surpass Prop 12 requirements. Moreover, in November 2023, we were one of the first companies to be certified by the California Animal Care Program, attesting our compliance with Prop 12.

Our network of producers made up of more than 300 family farms, does not use farrowing crates, nor allows any physical alterations such as tail docking or tooth clipping, and prohibits the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products. Our animals enjoy two to three times more than the conventional breeding space, in addition to straw bedding, allowing animals to behave naturally.

Discover our wide range of pork products compliant with Prop 12 and Question 3 standards and find out more about our know-how, our certified farming methods, and our partner producers who are also committed to animal welfare and sustainability.

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