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duBreton’s mission is to connect farmers to consumers who value sustainability and animal welfare.

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It is by practicing certified farming methods, which go far beyond industry standards, that duBreton can offer the best pork available. A tasty meat that respects consumers’ values.


Our story


At the Leading Edge Since 1944

Farmers since 1928, Napoléon Breton and his wife, Adrienne, decided to build a business in their image. In 1944, they bought the general store in Saint-Bernard. Three generations later, through investments and acquisitions, duBreton has become the company it is today. Specializing in the production and processing of organic pork, it operates four processing plants, including one in the United States, two feed mills, and several farms in Eastern Canada. We are proud to connect farmers to consumers who value sustainability and animal welfare.


Our values


Our daily actions are based on four core values

  • Teamwork. It’s in our nature. Everyone has a place in the team and is responsible for what they do.
  • Innovation. It’s been at the center of our lives since 1944. We don’t accept the status quo. 
  • Excellence. Always do your best. No compromise. 
  • Sustainability. Socially, economically, and environmentally, we make responsible choices to last. 

Our quality standards

We believe that transparency is the best guarantee of trust. Each certification that we have chosen to adhere to is verified annually by an independent auditor who audits our facilities, equipment, processes, and methods.

Canada Organic

The Organic Canada logo ensures that the product complies with the Canadian organic standard.

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Certified Humane Raised and Handled

This certification ensures the well-being of the animal by providing it with sufficient space to express its natural behavior in a crate-free and antibiotic-free environment.

Certificed humane


One of the leaders in organic and environmental certification, EcoCert visits our farms and plants to verify that our product meets Canadian organic production standards.



Want to know what's in your food? Test it! The FoodID platform tests for antibiotics and other substances in a rigorous, real-time proprietary process.

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Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

The Global Animal Partnership is an animal welfare standard-setting organization established in 2008. Animal welfare scientists, animal rights advocates, farmers, and retailers are all represented.


QAI Organic

Quality Assurance International is recognized worldwide and certifies that organic integrity is respected throughout the production process.


Safe Quality Food (SQF)

The SQF Code addresses the needs of all suppliers to the food industry through an internationally recognized certification system that emphasizes the systematic application of the HACCP system for the control of food quality and safety hazards.


USDA Organic

This certification regulates in detail all aspects of the production, processing, distribution, and sale of organic products in the United States.

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