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cochons dans l'herbe
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fermier et cochons

Our farmer partners belong to the duBreton team because they share the same concerns regarding animal welfare and sustainable development. They are committed to an innovative approach that considers developing agriculture and the environment as a whole to ensure sustainability and offer a product that respects their values and those of consumers. Let’s meet them.

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Passionate Farmers

Let us introduce some of them

Daniel Guimond
Ferme écologique Guimond

Daniel Guimond

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Manon Bouchard et Jean-Noël St-Amand
Productions Clé des Champs & Ferme l'Entrepont

Manon Bouchard et Jean-Noël St-Amand

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Merely Following the Rules Wasn’t Good Enough

Since animal welfare is our primary concern, conventional standards did not suit us. For duBreton, a crate-free environment where animals can freely express their natural behaviors should be the basis. Our desire for transparency and credibility has led us to recognized certifications, which are regularly verified by highly qualified auditors.

  • Animal welfare
  • Transparency
  • Credibility
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Discover high-quality products, thanks to the work of our farmers

Each product is carefully prepared to highlight the exceptional qualities of duBreton pork.

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