Animal welfare is an art

Oeuvre d'art Constellation

DuBreton Commissions One-of-a-Kind Mural to Encourage Canadians to Choose Better


On September 27, 2017, duBreton officially unveiled a new art installation by local Quebec artist Émilie Rondeau that was designed to promote animal welfare and created by local Quebec artist Émilie Rondeau. DuBreton ensures its pork is raised in a stress-free environment, and electric batons – which are widely accepted in conventional meat farming – are banned by the Quebec-based company.

“In 2003 we made the decision to prohibit the use of electric batons in all elements of our pork production, from farm life to transportation to processing,” says Vincent Breton, third-generation president, duBreton. “Over the years, animal welfare has become increasingly more important, and electric batons no longer have a place in our Organic and Certified Humane® pork.”

With a focus on sustainability, duBreton chose to recycle its remaining electric batons by creating a piece of art that would reflect the company’s vision and culture. This ensures the electric batons will not be used in the future. The unique mural features electric batons that have been transformed into a constellation that symbolizes the change and evolution towards higher standards of animal welfare, and a pig positioned in a setting that represents a natural, organic and Certified Humane® environment.

“This work of art, installed on the façade of our duBreton processing facility in Rivière-du-Loup, will remind us every day of our promise to do things better and differently,” adds Mr. Breton. “Everyone at duBreton, including all of our partners, commit in writing from their very first day to respect our standards of animal welfare. Now, everyone can see that commitment in real life.”

The mural was unveiled to the public on September 27, 2017. 

The Art of Animal Welfare at duBreton
Mural Fact Sheet

At duBreton, we believe that Better choices change the world. Electric batons no longer have a place in our Organic and Certified Humane® pork. With this work of art we have chosen to transform a negative tool into a positive symbol. Guided by our ethics and our choices, we know that our future is bright.

The following explains the five components of our work of art, created by Emilie Rondeau, visual artist.

Pork is at the center of our mission and our operations. Located in a meadow of greenery, under a starry sky and on a floor covered with straw, it is in a natural, organic and Certified Humane®environment.

Formed in a shimmering square (mirror), the sky becomes a window into the world. It reflects the real sky and is a symbol of adaptation and change.

The electric prods are transformed into a constellation of stars. Tools that were previously negative, take a positive form. It symbolizes change and evolution and refers to the horizon and the promising future of our organic and Certified Humane® farms.

The floor symbolizes the comfort offered to our organic and Certified Humane® pigs. The colour is akin to the golden straw that covers the floors of our farms. It also symbolizes spring revival, light and joy.

The green and metallic gray meadow represents the natural environment offered to the animals in our organic and Certified Humane® programs. Green is also a colour of hope and renewal.